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ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

The Connection Between Nutrition, Behavior & Mental Health

View Video: Don't Drug Them First - Children, ADHD & Drugs - Dr. Rapp

FOOD ALLERGIES (Food Additives/Colorings) CAN AFFECT THE BRAIN, BEHAVIOR & CAUSE ADHD SYMPTOMS: Research has shown there is a connection between food additives and physical/emotional problems in children. According to Dr. Rapp: “Repeated scientific studies have shown that as many as 66 percent of ADHD-diagnosed children actually have an unrecognized food allergy causing their symptoms. This means that about two-thirds of hyperactive children may not need Class II narcotic drugs such as Ritalin…..

View Video: Children -walking test tubes - Nasty Food Additives

FOOD ADDITIVES & COLORINGS AFFECT CHILDREN’S BEHAVIOR: Children are now "walking test tubes" due to dozens of nasty food additives and colorings, causing serious bad physical and emotional problems. See the startling improvement in these school kids in just two weeks when food colorings and additives were removed! Removing Food Additives & Colorings Shows a big improvement in kids behavior just after 2 weeks.

The Links Between Diet and Behavior: The influence of nutrition on mental health - A group of experts including scientists, doctors, nutritionists called for the removal of food colorings and food preservatives. Recommendations included suggestions that doctors be trained in nutrition and that children increase the intake of omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Index of Articles on ADHD

“The Drugging of Our Children” - Raising questions about the use of psychotrophic/mind-altering drugs to treat Learning & Behavior disorders for children & adolescents (e.g. ADHD)

Alternative Perspectives on ADHD and Children

The Natural Genius of Children

The “Real” School is Not Free

A Scientific Basis for Rejecting the Use of Stimulants/Drugs for Treating ADHD

The Rise and Fall of ADHD

What Are Some of the Causes of ADHD?

What You Must Know About ADHD - Fact Summary

Allergies Hyperactivity and ADHD

50 Conditions That Can Cause ADHD

Magnesium Deficiency Plays Key Role in ADHD

Hypoglycemia and ADHD

Nutritional Causes of ADHD

Food Additives Colorings Linked to Behavioral Problems

Food Chemical Sensitivities and ADHD

Study Finds Food Additives Can Make Kids Hyperactive

Gifted Children Diagnosed with ADHD

Has Your Gifted Child Been Diagnosed with ADHD?

Gifted Children Often Misdiagnosed with ADHD

Why Do So Many Smart Children with ADHD Fail in Our Public Schools?

ADHD Drug Side-Effects, Risks and Government Warnings

Study Ties Ritalin to Higher Cancer Risk

Study Shows Ritalin Linked to Chromosomal Changes

Ritalin May Have Long Term Effects on Growing Brains

Antidepressants(SSRIs) May Stunt Child Growth

Mood Altering Drugs and Educational Performance

Canada Regulators ordered ADD Drug(Adderall) Taken off the Market

Health Canada Warning: ADHD Drugs & Uncommon Psychiatric Adverse Events, Sept. 21, 06

FDA Warning : ADHD Drugs Linked to Heart
and Psychiatric Problems Feb. 21, 07

FDA Asks ADHD Drug Manufacturers to Develop Patient Medication Guides

ADHD Drugs and Child Heart Attacks/Strokes 2007 Legal Update

Drug-Free Solutions for ADHD

Alternative Treatments for Children Who Have Been Prescribed Psychiatric Medications

Non-Drug Treatments for ADHD Produce Results

Drug-Free Treatments for ADHD by Dr. Smith

ADHD and Nutrition

Dietary Solutions for ADHD

Smart Nutrition for ADHD

Omega 3 Fatty Acids and ADHD

Fatty Acids Help with ADHD Symptoms

Supplements as Good as Ritalin - Study

50 Ways to Improve a Child’s Behavior and Attention Span

ADHD - Videos/Documentaries

The Drugging of Our Children- This feature-length documentary examines the alarming growth in the prescription of powerful psychotropic drugs for adolescents and children.

ADHD Website Resources

ADHDWISE- - Resources & Education on ADD/ADHD Drug Treatments & Drug-Free Alternatives - “ADHD Diet” - The Dietary Connection to Better Behavior

Able Child

Dr. Rapp

Dr. Mary Ann Block

ADHD Medication Awareness Group(ADHDMAG) - A forum for discussion & sharing information on Risks, Benefits and Alternatives for ADD/ADHD




Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? By Ann B. Tracy, Ph.D.
The product of years of intensive research, this book is the most indepth work available on medications that increase the neurotransmitter serotonin - Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Luvox, Celexa, Effexor, Serzone, Anafranil, Fen-Phen and Redux. Dr. Ann Blake Tracy delves deeply into the physical and long-term adverse effects, along with the psychiatric reactions, that are reported by patients on these meds and gives scientific reasons why. A British nurse recently reported, "the book is brilliant, and a life-line as far as I am concerned. I tried to fault the research and reasoning, but could not and still can't. I would like to extend my thanks to you for your heroic stance on this enormously important issue. I have tremendous respect and admiration for your hard work, determination and courage in pursuing this subject so vigorously, against so much powerful opposition for the benefit of people like me. Your integrity puts many, if not most doctors and psychiatrists to shame. It is reassuring to find that there are a few people in the world who are prepared to fight for the truth for the benefit of mankind.
To order book E-Mail:


www.consumerhealth. org- Non-profit organization dedicated to Natural Health Education

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Mental Health

The Drugging of Our Children- This feature-length documentary examines the alarming growth in the prescription of powerful psychotropic drugs for adolescents and children.

Masks of Madness, Science of Healing - An Orthomolecular Approach to Mental Illness. Hear how Margot Kidder and others moved from mental illness to mental health