Electromagnetic Fields and Mind-Body Health

Absence of Electromagnetic Fields & Health

 The University of California, Los Angeles (Valerie Hunt, Ph.D.) did a research study on energy fields and measured the effects on the body of the absence of environmental magnetic fields.

In April 1961, Yuri Gagarin a soviet cosmonaut orbited the earth for less than 2 hours. Although he had air, water, food, light, he experienced space sickness from exposure to zero magnetic fields due to the absence of the earth’s magnetic fields.NASA also conducted studies with astronauts and found that the astronauts had a difficult time recovering due to the absence of the magnetic fields of the earth.

Exposure to the Earth’s magnetic field insures a mind-body health balance for the human body while absence of the Earth’s magnetic fields creates imbalances to the human system.The cosmonauts had issues with bone and muscle degeneration upon their return to the gravity field of the earth.

 PEMF(Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies) Benefits

 The NASA study showed that magnetic therapy is beneficial for enhancing tissue repair and reversing bone loss.PEMF at low frequencies are proven to be effective without any side effects and improve mind-body balance.

Studies have shown that frequencies in a certain range (0.5 – 30Hz) have a positive impact on human health.

 PEMF(Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies) treatments

  • stimulates cell activity,
  • promotes neural regeneration and brain function,
  • improves neuro-muscular function and general health.

 PEMF therapy also helps to increase blood circulation in and around damaged tissue, and helps damaged cells to repair.


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