PEMF Clinical Studies & Evidence

There are thousands of studies into PEMF and their Applications. Some common applications are: Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Musculoskeletal disorders.

Chronic Pain

“A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial using a low-frequency magnetic field in the treatment of musculoskeletal chronic pain. 2007”



PEMF alleviates the pain in the arthritis condition but it also offers chondroprotection, exerts anti-inflammatory action and helps in bone remodelling which could be developed as a viable alternative for arthritis therapy"

Ref: Low frequency Pulsed Electromagnetic Field-a viable alternative therapy for arthritis. 2009

Musculoskeletal disorders

A wide variety of challenging musculoskeletal disorders have been treated successfully over the past two decades. More than a quarter million patients with chronically ununited fractures have benefited, worldwide, from this surgically non-invasive method, without risk, discomfort, or the high costs of surgery.

Ref: Beneficial effects of electromagnetic fields. 1993