PEMF Therapy: Tool for Sports Performance, Endurance & Recovery

PEMF therapy is ideal for sports injuries as it boosts the body’s own healing process by increasing blood flow and stimulating the body to repair damaged tissue. Recurring injuries to the same area can also be treated successfully with PEMF therapy.

Quick regeneration has become one of the deciding factors in sports competitions today, where a fraction of a second can matter. PEMF Therapy before and after athletic activities provides the following advantages for the athlete:

  • Pain Relief - PEMF Therapy increases blood supply and circulation and promotes the healing of soft tissue while reducing oedema.
  • Competition Tool - PEMF Therapy warms the muscle tissue and activates metabolism. The electromagnetic field matches that of the natural biological systems, and thus improves the energy level without any side effects. Athletes should be using whole body magnetic stimulation before and after workouts, tryouts, and any level of competition.
  • Improves Performance - PEMF Therapy warms the muscle tissue and activates metabolism. Therefore, the warm up can be reduced to a minimum, and the saved energy is available for competition itself. Using PEMFs before competition causes the body to be optimized in its function. This will produce better performance.
  • Enhances Endurance & Recovery - It’s been found that muscles work harder, longer and recover faster with magnetic stimulation
  • Reduces Muscle Contraction - A classic action of magnetic fields is to reduce muscle contraction. Athletes often have to compete and work out despite their injuries, large and small. This is why regular use of magnetic fields is so important to any high level, or even weekend, athletes.
  • Increase Oxygen Uptake - Pulsed electromagnetic fields can also increase the uptake of oxygen into muscle. An increase in oxygen uptake can significantly enhance muscle performance and endurance. In competitive sports a 1% edge may be all that is needed to win.
  • Reduce Swelling - PEMF’s reduce swelling and speed removal of the blood in a bruise, leading to faster recovery and return to activity, competition or training. Obviously, if treatment is applied early in the injury, recovery will be much faster. Once a lot of the effects of damage are settled into the tissue it takes more energy and longer to heal the tissues.
  • Accelerates healing time - allowing the athlete to be healthier, stronger and perform better.
  • Reduces Oedema -Using PEMF reduces oedema and influences repair processes at a cellular level. Increased collagen production accelerates wound healing as well as the forming of new blood vessels which carry oxygen and nutrients to the affected area, while getting rid of waste materials
  • Reduces Healing Time - When everything in the body works properly, tissues regenerate naturally. PEMF therapy can help shorten the healing period as it penetrates deep inside cells and bone. When a bone does not heal properly it is mostly due to poor blood circulation to the area. By using PEMF the blood circulation is improved and tissue regeneration is stimulated.


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