Scalar Wave Accessories - Red Probe

Scalar Wave Accessories - Red Probe

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A plug in probe which is designed to work with and be driven by the Scalarwave Laser main unit

This unique Pulsar Laser Probe comes with higher powered 100mW cold laser diode that is rare in the industry for red lasers, which typically only have 5mW-30mW of power.

 The RED Probe has 4 violet crystal LEDs surrounding the 100mw RED laser diode - which are built in and around the laser diode to have a subtle violet affect on the red diode spectrum and are enhanced with patented scalar wave technology providing a more subtle experience.  The RED probe in particular circulates the lymph and the blood throughout the nearby tissue and has an amazing affect on clearing out micro activity like arthritis that can develop in certain stagnant, toxic, injured areas - to reestablish and normalize the cells and relieve the area of pain. The RED probe is gentle, yet extremely effective, and our most versatile and GO TO pain relief probe!  

Studies show the Red Laser 650 nanometer reaches:

  • Surface cells 

  • Soft tissues 

  • Muscles

  • Gums

  • Wrinkles

  • Wounds

  • Nerves 

  • Meridians 

  • Burns

  • Skin blemishes

  • Inflammation

  • Alleviating pain

  • Supporting skin care