Cation Shield (2 pack) - EMF Protection(Video)

Cation Shield (2 pack) - EMF Protection(Video)

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Strengthen Your Bodys Bio-Field

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) are the invisible waves produced by a combination of electric and magnetic sources of energy. They surround any electrical device that is plugged in or turned on. Protect yourself from the dangers associated with the EMFs from everyday electronics with the Juuva Cation Shield. The Cation Shield neutralizes dangerous cations (positive ions/free radicals) with beneficial anions (negative ions/simple antioxidants). This helps strengthen your body's bio-field by bathing you with the beneficial effects of anions that help combat EMFs.*

The measurement for EMFs is known as milli-Gauss (mG).

The National Council of Radiation Protection and Measurement declared that 2 mG is the maximum amount of EMFs that the human body can handle at any one exposure.

Unfortunately, we cant stop the EMFs around us but we can reduce the effects of them on ourselves and our family with the Juuva Cation Shield. One Cation Shield has the ability to negate the damage of up to 100 mG of EMF radiation and is certified to be emitting 1,200 anions at time of manufacturing.

Benefits of the Cation Shield




220 mG


20 mG

Cell Phone

100 mG


100 mG


20 mG


100 mG


20 mG


10 mG


200 mG


100 mG


200 mG


300 mG

mG claims are averaged based on internet research.
mGs associated with electronic devices vary by manufacturer and from model to model.

  •   Protection from EMFs.*

  •   Stabilizes brain function.*

  •   Recovery from fatigue.*

  •   Strengthens the immune system.*

Increases metabolism.*

Promotes better digestion.*

Increases cell rejuvenation.*

Balances the autonomic nervous system.*

Cation Shield Contains

Germanium, Zeolite, Tourmaline, a Proprietary Energy Blend, Far Infrared Rays, Scalar Energy and Zero-Point Energy.

How to Use

Attach a Cation Shield to any electronic device and start enjoying its protection and benefits today! Each order of Cation Shields includes 2 shields.

EMF Research

  •   In 2001, Dr. De-Kun Li who led a study team at Kaiser Permanentes research division, conducted a study on EMFs and their link to miscarriages by analyzing a group of pregnant women in their normal everyday environments. Findings revealed that women who were exposed to 16 mG or more had 80% more miscarriages than those exposed to less than 16 mG.

  •   Humans are exposed to an increasing amount of nonionizing electromagnetic radiation emitted from sources such as cell phones, power transmission lines, radars, and medical equipment, causing public health concerns. Safety standards defining upper limits for the specific absorption rates (SARs) were thus established to serve as guidelines for equipment manufacturers in various fields. Extensive cell phone use is known to present the highest radio frequency (RF) exposure to the general public, prompting this study.

    Its important to note that EMF detectors measure in milli-Gauss. Placing a Juuva Cation Shield on an electronic device does not zero out the mG of the item. The Cation Shield emits negative ions (anions) that neutralize the positive ions (cations) being emitted from electronics in the form of electromagnetic radiation.

    *FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.