Centurion-Tesla Technology for Human Health

Centurion therapy products have been in the human and veterinary marketplace since 1979. The Company was established in Alberta, Canada and rapidly expanded to Eastern Canada. Presently, Centurion is well recognized worldwide, having offices and dealers in over 22 countries, and still expanding.

Its manufacturing facilities remain in Calgary, Alberta where our group of Engineering Specialists design all Centurion equipment to the highest available standards; Centurion is ISO 13485:2003 Registered Company. Full quality control and complete product testing are standard components of the manufacturing process, to ensure our equipment is ready to fill today’s market requirements.

CENTURION has been designing and manufacturing Pulsated Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)equipment for over 25 years. As an industry leader, Centurion’s Products have been designed to fill the market needs of clinics and hospitals, as well as the ever-expanding home market in Healthcare.


All Magnetic and Laser Centurion products are CE and Health Canada approved on humans.