Subtle Energy Lotus Violet Light Laser (Video Available)

Subtle Energy Lotus Violet Light Laser (Video Available)

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The All-Violet handheld Laser for Subtle Energy Balancing & Extraordinary Healing Potential with VIOLET Light!
Similar in design to the main ScalarWave Laser unit, the Lotus Laser is the first of its kind all-violet, digital, hand-held, portable laser for anti-aging, rejuvenation, skin care, energy flow, emotional cleansing and wellbeing.
Violet laser light is highly compatible with subtle energy healing and vibrational medicine methods, such as sound therapy, color therapy, chakra balancing, acupuncture and acupressure, and many others.
The Lotus Laser is a landmark laser unlike any that has ever come before it—a quantum therapeutic healing device. It features 16 true violet laser diodes and 20 super violet LEDs, all of which emit therapeutic violet wavelength energy in the violet spectrum.


The Lotus Laser Assists in

            Energy Flow

            Enhanced Well Being

            Enhancement of the Subtle Body Anatomy
R&D Research shows that the violet wavelength has special properties that are being used to:

    • Supports DNA

    • Increases length of telomeres

    • Supports stem cells

    • Provides instant ATP (LIGHT energy) to cells

  • Balances subtle energy, positively affecting everything from the emotions to enzyme functions to the energy fields surrounding the body, and more